The Huck Project
A work in progress by Twyla Brower Wehnes


This is what happens when you try to mess with Moody perfection. I decided to customize a Huck Bey. I thought I'd try and move him around a bit, but still try and keep him OF as I wanted to etch him into a bay going grey.

I started with the tail and had no problems. I was a little worried about moving the head as I didn't want the neck to collapse. So I heated him up and gently pulled his head up. Looked at his neck and was happy.....then I saw what I had did to his head. AAGGHH!! As you can see from the above photo, I squashed his head! Oh well I needed practice sculpting anyway. Break out the epoxy!


Here I starting to build up the new jaw and a new cheekbone. Thank goodness his eyes were OK.


The first set of lips I did. They looked great from the front, like he was giving some attitude. But it just didn't look great from the side. So out came the Dremel.


The second set of lips, first spray of primer. I thought this looked a bit nicer.


The other side in primer... still needed a bit of work.


Undercoat of paint. Markings marked out. I still wasn't happy with this side and went back and sanded some more.


First coat of paint right side. This side I thought looked better.


Thats it so far. I will post more pics as he progressess.

Last updated April 7, 2000

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