Art on the Hoof

Painted Model Horses

These horses are all handpainted in oils.

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SilverHeart's Liberty
NAN Qualified
Pinto Gelding
Classic Silky Sullivan
Gelding "parts" have been added since these photos were taken.


SilverHeart's All Fired Up
Arabian Stallion
Remade Breyer "Huckleberry Bey"
Head & Tail raised, face resculpted
Click here to see his progress

SilverHeart's Pipi Longstocking
National showhorse mare
Remade Pete Stone Morgan

Face completely resculpted, new mane and forelock. I had the expert help of Michelle Grant to teach me how to do the majority of the resculpting. The model's left eye and cheek bone was done by Michelle. You can compare... mine's not near as well done. This model was done for the Keystone customizers challenge.

Silverheart's Canadian Gold
NAN Qualified
Palomino Tobiano WB
New sculpted mane & forelock, tail raised
Owned by Heather Gould-Hawke

Silverheart's ???????
Stablemate Andalusian
Customized to a Friesian & painted in Acrylics

SilverHeart's Silver Thunder
Remade Breyer Proud Arab Stallion
My first remake!

Ceramic Saddlebred
Remade Whiteware Saddlebred Gelding

Silver Seas Foxy Lady
Customized by Jenny Seaborn
Painted by Twyla Brower Wehnes

SilverHeart's Dunkel Jung
Traci Caller LB sized
Warmblood resin

Silverheart's Churchcroft Dan
Customized Resin Copy of the Hagen-Renaker Clydesdale

Silverheart's I'm so Fine
ASB Gelding
Ceramic Whiteware

Portrait Model
Owned by Anne Buchanan

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