Twyla's Model Horses

These horses have all been created with a technique called "etching".

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SilverHeart's Just N Time
Breyer's "Galiceno" mold etched to a high blanket bay roan POA mare.

Silverheart's Dakota
Breyer's "Cody Ranch Horse" etched to a high blanket appaloosa gelding.

Owned by Rebecca Ratliff

Silverheart's Canadian Sunset
Appaloosa Gelding

Owned by Sandra Bloom
My first serious etching attempt!

SilverHeart's Splashed
Etched dapple grey pinto

Donated as a raffle price.

Silverheart's Yougogirl
Breyer's "Go Man Go" etched to a roan blanket appaloosa.

Silverheart's ???
Breyer's "Zippo Pine Bar" etched to a lacy chestnut overo.

Silverheart's Jester
Breyer LB "Clyde" etched to a sabino with roaning out from the white markings.

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